60th Birthday Party
April 5, 2003

(L-R) Barry Anderson and Lamar Lawson

Barry Anderson, Kyle Haines and Lamar Lawson

Claudette Hilliard and Jimmy Johnson

Iris Williams-Caine and Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau
Janice Dickerson-Svoboda, Gary Jernigan, Helen Abraham-Alford Claudette Hilliard, Frank Andrews and Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau

Ida Daigle-Steele, Frank Andrews,
Claudette Hilliard & Linda Alice Jones-Williams

Claudette, Jimmy Maxfield
Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau & Kyle Haines

Joe Columbo, Charlyn Saulsberry and David Burge

David Burge and Jimmy Hilton

Ansel Richard and Bonnie LeLeaux-Richard

Jimmy Hilton, Ansel Richard and Bonnie LeLeaux-Richard

Jean Kay and the "Fonz"
Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau and Dennis "The Fonz" Hollander

(More photos are coming!)

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