Classmate's Photos

Laura and Sammy Atchison
At Book Signing during the TJ Luncheon Feb 17th at the H2O Seafood Restuarant
If you would like to purchase an autograph signature of one of his books
contact Sammy at:

P.O. Box 2825
Port Arthur, TX 77643
Phone: (409) 860-3605



Dickie Legate and Jimmy Johnson
TJ High School 1961
Photo courtesy of Paula and Dickie Legate


Jean Kay hard at work on her new Computer
(She is on SKYPE)


Linda Parent-Robinson and her new computer


Sandra Smith-Spurlock
Beverly Heath-Dugas
Picture taken in 1971 at 10 year reunion


Below photo courtesy of Cliff Ferguson

Cliff says: While returning from Las Vegas we had a stopover at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
in Phoenix, Arizona. I found a "Fox Sports" Lounge in the Airport and to my surprise there was this
mural behind the bar. I wanted to share this with our classmates. Hope you enjoy!

Below photo courtesy of David Burge

David Burge's Home at Crystal Beach, Texas


President George W. Bush, Jimmy Johnson & Gene Jones (wife of Jerry Jones)



Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau
(Photo taken in 1960-61 when it snowed in PA)


Maxfield, Johnson & Nutt
Crystal Beach, Texas

Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida

Mike Smith, Dennis Hollander and Gene Davis


Linda Mattiza & Paul Fitzner


David Burge and Monty Pastorick
Photo taken in 1960 at the Houston Zoo



James Rogers and his new Harley


Taken at the opening of the new Dallas Cowboy's football stadium
L-R:  Reba McIntyre, Rhonda and Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Jones, George Strait and unknown lady.


A Fishing trip in South Texas hosted by Lamar Lawson

Back L-R:  Jimmy Maxfield, Teddy Lillijedahl, Ronnie Landry
Front Row:  Russell Stout and Lamar Lawson


Members from the TJ Class of 1961 (with one member of the TJ Class of 1965) worked the
"Registration Table and took photos" of their successful reunion
October 19-20, 2007
Events were as follows:
Friday Night ... Esther's Cajun Seafood Kitchen
Saturday 2PM - Social at Sanderson's Restaurant
Saturday Night - Holiday Inn, Jimmy Johnson Blvd

Friday Night Event at Esther's Cajun Seafood Restaurant
(Left to Right) Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau, Beverly Heath-Dugas, Sherry Morgan (TJ 65)
and Ingrid Wendlandt-Hazleton

Esther's again ...
Johnnie Arnold ... Making sure everyone got their name tag.

Sandy Marsh-Boyd with G W Bailey
Holiday Inn

Linda Parent-Robinson with G W Bailey

Those working their reunion were: 
Beverly Heath-Dugas
Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau
Ingrid Wendlandt-Hazleton
Sandy Marsh-Boyd
Johnnie Arnold
Sherry Morgan (Class of '65)
Paul Fitzner

We are always looking for our classmates to join us in helping with other TJ Class Reunions.
If you would like to participate contact

Get Together at
Jimmy and Margaret Maxfield's home
in Houston on April 21, 2007
(Prior to the Ragin Cajun Shindig)



The Allgood Family

It has been a year filled with continuing projects and good health for all of the Allgoods, including Carolie’s Mother Joan, who will be 89 this summer solstice.

Our family photo was taken in front of Clayton and Jen’s new home, in Bellaire, just a short distance from us. He built it with love for his family and we are all enjoying it. Ariana will be three years old in February. She loves to sing and play. Clayton has built several large homes that will be ready for Buyers this month or next. Jen continues to enjoy her landscaping business. (Clayton, Jen and Ariana are on the front row in the picture.)

Jonathan, Daniela, Henry and Amelia (pictured far left on the first and second row) live in La Grange. This year, Jonathan & Daniela have focused more on other interests and less on the La Grange Smokehouse. Henry became five in October and will be in kindergarten next year. Amelia will be four in May. She has just made her dancing debut in a white and lavender tutu. With two labs, one cat, two pre-school children and two active adults, things are always jumping in their household.

Alex (to the left of Jerry in the picture) and Jerry are almost finished with a process and plan for an investment management business after 2+ years of intense work. In the meantime, Alex lives between New York City and Houston. We enjoy getting to see him more than in past years.

Carolie is still working at Rice, with no formal retirement plan. She continues to paint (recent paintings have been more nostalgic), “Instead of traveling to places I love, I just paint them!”

In these times when world events make our Freedom (abundant life & inner peace) seem more unique and valuable, we send our love and wishes for a good and safe new year.


This photo was taken on Friday Night, October 20, 2006 in the former "Yellow Jacket Stadium" now "Memorial Stadium"
just before the Port Arthur Memorial High School "Titans" and the Baytown Robert E. Lee "Ganders" football game.
Left to Right:  Lamar Lawson,  Paul Fitzner,  Ronnie Thompson (Titan Football Coach),  Dennis Hollander, Jimmy Maxfield and  David Nutt.
In typical Port Arthur football, the Titans defeated Baytown that evening.
(Did you know that in 1933, at Franklin Field, the Yellow Jackets, under coach Tom Dennis, defeated the Ganders 100-0?
Photo courtesy of Hollier Studios, Groves, TX (409) 962-3320


Janice Foreman-Sattler and Henry Sattler
(Photo taken October 14, 2006 at Larry's French Market during
the Second Annual Larry's Hootenanny)
(Some folks just don't seem to age!)


Who are these ladies? (One is hiding)
Can you name them?
The sweeties in the middle are Anne Lofton and Susan Marsh.
The car looks like about a 1953 Chevy. since it appears to be a police patrol car. (See the emergency lights on top?)
(Dennis Hollander, Houston, TX)
1953?  That would be about the 4th or 5th Grade

The person on the left of Anne Lofton is Susan White, and I think the girl on the far right might be Jeannie Hollingsworth.
(Sue Gartin-Zingleman, Lake Jackson, TX)

The photo of the car is a 1953 Chevrolet 4 door Bel-Air.  It belonged to my uncle.  The brunette in the picture on the right side is Detty Ann Bartlett who is my cousin.
(James Bartlett, Silsbee, TX) 

Detty Ann Bartlett sure has a strong resemblance to Linda Mattiza

L-R Linda Jones-Keith and Susan Marsh Henry
(Photo taken at the Ragin Cajun Shindig, April 2006)


Any one know who these dignitaries are?
(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Johnson)

See if you can name 'em
(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Johnson)


Jimmy Maxfield & son at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA
(Hook 'em Horns!)


Ronnie Landry (TJ62), Teddy Lilljedahl (TJ63)
and Jimmy Maxfield (TJ61)


Gene Hackman, Jack Del Rio*, Linda Del Rio, Jimmy Johnson,
Rhonda Johnson and Betsy Hackman

*Jack Del Rio ... Head Coach, Jacksonville Jaguars

Michael Chiklis* and Jimmy Johnson

*of the TV Series "The Shield"

Jimmy Johnson's Home on the Beach


Jimmy Johnson & Jimmy Maxfield


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