Jean Kay's BBQ Cook Out
(More Photos)

Pat McBride-Allen and Sandy Marsh-Boyd

Walter Boyd

Jan Davis and Gene Davis

Ron Moreau shows the "critters" to our Classmates

Classmates taking a tour of Jean and Ron's Ranch
Left to Right:  Linda Cloar-Schulz; Hans Schulz; Helen Adams-Davis:
Jim Davis: Leonard Duckworth and Lyndal Duckworth
Ron Moreau in front with "Coati"

Walter Boyd, Carl Andrepont and Alice Powers-Andrepont
enjoying a chat in the living room.

L-R:  Pat McBride-Allen; Linda Owings-Foster; Sheila Chesser-Kiefer
Standing in back:  Johnnie Arnold, Paul Fitzner and Sandy Marsh-Boyd

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