The below pictures are courtesy of
Dennis Hollander
from the mid 1950's to our Senior Year of 1961
Thanks Dennis
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Hawaiian Luau Party - Bayou Din Country Club

Picture 1 ... Dennis Hollander, Alice Powers,, Sharon Jones, James Guidry, Charles Hazleton, Janis Pace, & Charles Kirkendahl
Becky Landry says:  Janis Pace is next to Charles Kirkendahl.

Robert Andrus, Diana Rogers, Leroy Tate, Virginia Oakley, Linda Arisco, Diana Dupy, ????, Deanna Huff, ????,
Mary Ellen Klebba and Roy Hooks
Mary Ellen Guajardo says:  Is that Hilton Hunt next to Mary Ellen Klebba?

Picture 3 - Can you name any of these?
Lucille Miller-Armintor says: Cindy Carr, Charles McFatter, Ray Ludwig, Barbara Crisswell, John Wallace, Gaynell Nusom, & ???

Susan Marsh-Boyd says:  Looks like Mary Gregory with Ray Ludwig
Gerald Broussard says:  Left is Cindy Carr, Next to Ray Ludwig is Barbara Crisswell.

Picture 4 - Who are these happy go lucky people?
Claudette Hilliard says:  Donald Ball, Virginia McMillan,  Claudette Hilliard, Ronnie Landry, Carolyn Anawaty, Dickie Legette, Anne Lofton and
Bennie Sorgee.
Spook Laird says:  Virginia McMillan next to Donald Ball.


Picture 5 - Having a good time
David Nutt, Sue Barnes, Darla Jo Patin, Harvey Reeves, Jimmy Johnson, Jeannie Hollingsworth, Russell Stout,
Annette Broussard, Lynette Thompkins, Bobby Woodson

Claudette Hilliard ... I see Carl Carter with Dot Peyton standing in the back on the right.  Is that Andy Andrus with Charlyn Saulsberry?  Dancing far left is Virginia Oakley and Leroy Tate.
Carolyn Anawaty says ... Next to David Nutt.  Looks like Gretchen Verboone to me.

Senior Graduation Event

Picture 6 -- Cindy Carr, Paul Fitzner, Wade Hebert & ????

Shirley Simms and Dennis Hollander

Black and White Ball .. Port Arthur Country Club

Picture 8:  Barry Anderson, Kenny Griffin, Glenn Salem, Sue Barnes and Dennis Hollander
Spook Laird says:  Girl to the left behind Barry Anderson is Sylvia Sandoval.
Becky Landry says:  Kenny Griffin to the right behind Barry.
Mary Lockwood says:  I was to Barry's left as we double dated that night with Kenny and Glenn.

Picture 9-  Sandy Marsh-Boyd says:  Guessing Guy Tritico with Betty McDonald left.
Right might be Glenn Johnson, Judy Emmons, John Erickson.
Spook Laird says:  Next to John Erickson is Jo Ellen Johnson.

Joan Lyday, Dennis Hollander and Sue Arrington
at Cow Bayou


The Two Robert E. Lee Elementary School Photos were sent in from
Joy Johnstone-Landry

Sixth Grade Robert E. Lee Grade School
Top: Iris Williams, Joy Johnstone, Judy Bertrand, Myrtle Brown
Second Row:  Sue Gartin, Mary Noel, Deeana Huff, Cynthia Mahalek
(Photo courtesy of Joy Johnstone-Landry)

More Sixth Graders at Robert E. Lee Grade School
Back Row:  Gene Yentzen, Stanley Powell, Judy Bertrand, Harry Cashmere, Robert Stone, Larry McClalry, ????,
Gabriel Anderson and Iris Williams.
Front:  Cynthia Mahalek, Deeana Huff, Mary Noel, ????, ????, and Joy Johnstone.
(Photo Courtesy of Joy Johnstone-Landry)



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