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The TJ Class of 1961's 35th reunion was on June 22, 1996 at the Holiday Inn, Port Arthur

Photos of that reunion are shown below for your pleasure !

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Committee members for the TJ Class of 1961's 35th Reunion
Sitting L-R: Mary Helen Ramirez (Castaneda), Linda Owings (Foster) Ingrid Wendlandt (Hazleton), Manette Veazey (Jones), Jean Kay Domingue (Moreau) and Linda Parent (Robinson)
Standing L-R: Sue Terrell (Dartez), Sandy Marsh (Boyd), Jesse Castaneda, Mary Abshire (Petisca), Frank Andrews, Pat Roy (Bennett), Gene Davis, Lupe Martinez (Long), Johnnie Arnold, Ronnie Jones and Beverly Heath (Dugas)

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Guy Tritico and Billy Black
"Ready to Party!"

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Linda Owings, Frank Andrews, Jimmy Johnson and Gene Davis
"WOW! Jimmy What a Boat!"

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Walter Boyd and Sandra Marsh                            Marie Benoit and Louis May
"Is it over yet?"                                              "Are We Alone?"

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Frank Andrews "How did HE get here?
"Best meal I had all week"


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Jimmy Johnson, Elbia Ebert, Walter Boyd, Frank Andrews and Sandy Marsh
"Together again!"

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Lupe Martinez and Janice Dickerson
"Are we in Cancun?"

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Wendy Wingfield, from Austin, Texas, could not make the   35th Year Reunion.  But always thinking of her fellow Classmates she sent flowers. This is Sandy Marsh showing off the flowers.

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Gene Davis and wife Jan
Gene & Jan or is it "Jan and Dean"

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Sue Terrell and Louis May
"Remember the Fun Times"           

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Jean Kay Domingue, Joe Landry & Sandra Marsh
Hurry Gang..It.s Time!"

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Sandra Nunez and Linda Ferguson
"Love those wild colors"

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Janice Foreman
"What fun!"

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Glenn Johnson and Lamar Lawson
"Oh Baby, Baby!"

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Glyn Stillwell
"Making Music"


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Ingrid Wendlandt and Judy Shinn
"Old Pals"

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Sammy Atchison, Louis May and Laura Atchison
"Elvis is alive and well!"

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Sandra Smith, Sandra Schexnadyer and Sandra Nunez
"The Three "S's"

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David Nutt and Frank Andrews
Now Frank, "Have you been a good boy?"

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Gene Sheppard & wife Blythe


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